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Do you remember the backyard and basement plays of your youth? Do you remember when art didn't have to be perfect, and the fun of creation could fill the boring void of any Saturday afternoon? Do you remember the stories you created before you knew the rules, the effortless ignited imagination that turned a stick into a sword or dandelion petals into a witch's brew?


Here at FireBelly Rep, we put perfection on the back burner and charge forward to make the pictures of our own consciousness come to life. We implore the wisdom, creativity, and knowledge of those who join us on each adventure to create truly one of a kind experiences. We believe in the divine right, inherent in every human being, to add to the story of creation. We make art because we are art.


FireBelly was born in the summer of 2016, when a group of playwrights, poets, and thinkers realized their passion, excitement, and ability were enough to start making their own brand of magic. Their premiere show, The Curious Disappearance of Mulder, The Cat, was launched in August of 2016 and so FireBelly's journey began.


Join us on our adventures to come. And stoke the lost fires of your own limitless imagination.


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 Brendan JD REIlly's


 Life is full of triumph, joy, fear, hardship, and surprise. In Beastiary, the lens between human and animal is blurred through a series of vignettes that will leave you feeling a bit more connected to the circle of life.

beastiary image
Playwright: Brendan JD Reilly

Playwright: Brendan JD Reilly

Space: Bancroft Street Market

Space: Bancroft Street Market


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