FireBelly Rep



FireBelly’s second season is all about play. From an improvisational investigative podcast with a devised twist to terraforming one of Jupiter's moons from a playground in the heart of Omaha, we’ll dive into exploration and expansion with notes of noir, sci-fi, colliding artistic mediums, and an open invitation to join in the games.

Panopticon: FireBelly’s first Podcast explores the mysteries of human existence by investigating scientific, spiritual, and magical theories for our unexplained shared experiences. #panopticon

Dolphins by Jeremy Johnson: A modern-day noir set in Tampa Bay, Florida. After Kels, the owner of Lighthouse Women’s Shelter, is murdered, her ghost and her lover must team up with a volatile sex-worked to solve the murder and seek vengeance. #whokilledkels

FireBelly Curates: Hit:Shuffle: An amalgam of the enormous breadth of artistic talent in Omaha, Hit:Shuffle pairs artists of every medium with local bands and projectionists to create a one-of-a-kind experience that brings the creators of Omaha together for a unique delving into freestyle collaboration. #hitshuffle

Argo 5 by Brendan James & Brendan Sebastian Reilly: Written by father and nine year-old son, Argo 5 is about five astronauts sent to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede as its first terraforming settlement crew. It was thought to be a desolate landscape, but they quickly find out that things are not what they onced believed. Performed on a playground in the heart of Omaha. #argo5stayalive


In FireBelly’s inaugural season, we tested the boundaries of reality. Exploring deep web conspiracy, tabletop games bursting to life, and animals singing punk rock, our mission was to harken back to the days of genuine make-believe, and start our journey where we all begin; in a place of wonder, where anything is possible if you simply make it so.

The Curious Disappearance Of Mulder, The Cat by Madeline Radcliff-Reilly: Stuck in the limbo between adolescence and adulthood, four people attempt to find their way by blindly searching for a missing cat (who potentially has super-human alien powers). #haveyouseenmulder?

Dungeon High by Jeremy Johnson: Three girls in detention begrudgingly band together to take down the big bads that only exist in tabletop gaming -- that is, until their world becomes the game they’re playing. #killthewizard

Beastiary by Brendan JD Reilly: Life is full of triumph, joy, fear, hardship, and surprise. The lens between human and animal is blurred through a series of vignettes that leave you feeling a bit more connected to the circle of life. #theflockyouchoose