FireBelly Rep

Season 2

Season Two

We can't wait to get started on Season Two and expand the library of FireBelly Rep work. From panels to podcasts, playgrounds to workshops, we have a lot in store. Below are three previews for 2017-18. Have an idea for Season Two? Click 'Stoke The Fire' above and submit your project!


Hit: Shuffle

A Firebelly Collaboration

An evening that connects musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists to create a unique live performance of cross-pollinated art. 

If you're interested in joining this project click 'Stoke The Fire' above and send us your idea!

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Panopticon: A Podcast

A Firebelly collaboration

"Isn’t life just a microcosm of stories? Individual pieces all looking for a way home. We divide and change, conjoin and evolve, we inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the ocean. Eat our gravity hoping not to float away. In this world, we experience real phenomenon. Since the dawn of reasoning, we have slowly chipped away at the magic that surrounds us, laying gods and their myths to rest. Allowing science to guide us towards progress. But still...the unexplained remains.


Argo 5

By Brendan & Brendan Reilly

 A team of astronauts and explorers land on the surface of Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, in order to terraform it for future human settlement. 

Join us for a survival story filtered through the eyes of a child, set on a playground in the heart of Omaha.